In every household, children are ‘the joys of motherhood’ and families. However, children cannot grow normally and decently without the care and the protection of their parents/family/society and government. In many African countries, homeless/street children roam about the street to beg for food and money and become easy preys for the sadistic and unscrupulous predators. This research examines thematic exploration of AmmaDarko’sFaceless (2003). The study highlighted major issues witnessed in street where abandoned children such of sexual abuse plight and the irresponsibility of the adults are parents/family members and community. The causes of this phenomenon, the violence that it nurtures and the misfortunes street children are facing in the hands of the ‘street lords’ are also highlighted. Most of the time, street children are forced into prostitution and are sexually active before their teens with its subsequent consequences. The study highlighted that the trauma street children facereinforce them to engage in prostitution. which propelled them to meet with difficulties to live a good life.




1.1 Background to the Study                                                                                                        Faceless, by AmmaDarkowas written in 2003. It is the third novel after Beyond the Horizon and The Housemaid. It is the tragic story of street children in Accra, Ghana told through a chaotic urban fabric where pressing social issues like the gap between rich and poor, HIV/AIDS, broken families and the role of women in society are all-pervasive.                                             This study focused on the sexuality and trauma that faced by women all over the world especially in developing countries like Africa countries. It is very obvious that women in the Africa are subjected to dehumanization because of the traditional status and other social economically issues.This topic has relationship with the theme of the text. Both the theme and the topic centered on sexual assault and harassment women in the society pass through as a result of the issue of discrimination.

Discrimination against women is a constant theme of the novel and symbolically Baby T is representative of the sins visited upon all women in a society where from birth women are discriminated against and made responsible not only for their sins, but for those of men in society. Nothing goes right when men are involved and many of the male characters in the novel are murderers, child abuses, rapists or simply good for nothings.                                                                                                                                              Fate of women in society is a major theme of the novel, it plays itself out through a street children narrative which allows Darko the scope for powerful social commentary that demonstrates the personal tragedy of each and every child that ends up on the streets. What is the hope of women especially young girls in the society who are dejected and force to engage in odd activities?

It is concerned in particular with evidence of what are perceived as escalating diminutions and disruptions in parental care in postcolonial big cities, processes which have profound implications for infants, children and human development and its sustainability. Indeed they are critical for African future development among youth.The term ‘child abuse and neglect’ refer to the harm experienced by children or young people under the age of 18 years as a result of the actions, inactions or inability of people with a parental responsibility for them. Parental responsibility in relation to a child means all the duties, powers, responsibilities and authority which, by law, parents have in relation to children. The harm experienced by the child or young person may arise from a significant event or may arise from the cumulative effect of abuse and neglect.                                                                                                                                      One of the major child abuses in Africa society is that of sexual abuse. Sexual abuse occurs when a child has been exposed or subjected to sexual behaviours that are exploitative and/or inappropriate to his/her age and developmental level. Examples include sexual penetration, inappropriate touching, and exposure to sexual acts or pornographic materials. The harm experienced by a child as a result of these behaviours needs to be, or likely to be, detrimental in effect and significant in nature on the child’s wellbeing.                                                                                                                                            Harm which may result from sexual abuse includes significant emotional trauma, physical injury, infections and impaired emotional and psychological development. Consideration may need to be given to contextual elements in determining if a situation is abusive, such as the role of coercion or unequal power in a relationship that is claimed to be consensual or socially sanctioned. This is particularly important in relation to sexual behaviour between children as the children’s respective ages, developmental level and the nature of the relationship are important considerations.                                                                                                              Therefore, the study is targeting at escalating thesexuality and trauma that confronted women in the society using the criticism point of view and close the gap of their fall out.

1.2 Statement of the Problem                                                                                                        The problem of sexual harassment and female sexual objectification is increasing by the day most scholars have critically looked at the consequences of such type of sexuality in which women are victims of sexual assault. However, the alarming statistics of sexual violence and  its prevalence is worrisome and Africa writer are seriously fictionalizing works that are deplete of sexual harassment and assault against the vulnerable in the society. Critics have considered sexuality from the pont of view of feminism but no writer have ever to my knowledge treated AmmDarko’sFaceklesson the theme of sexuality and trauma and the research feels. The theme is a glaring evidence of trauma and sexuality assault of many characters. This work discoverslacuna or gap that was created by the absence of critical studies of this area this research intend to fill.

1.3 Aims of the Study                                                                                                                     Thenovelist achieves this by examining the social, historical, economic and cultural events and how they affect the society. It is in note of this that this study will explore the thematic issues that affect sexuality and trauma against women by men in the works selected for study.                                                                                                       The objective of this study is to expose and explore the sexuality and trauma themes that affect women in the text. The study brings to light the prevailing circumstances in the geographical regions of the protagonist and how these problems influence her.

1.4 Significance of the Study                                                                                                        This research work is an exploration of the issues affecting the development of girl child from various perspective of life. This study reveals another dimension from which Faceless can be viewed and exposes its relevance. Comments and reviews have been done on these novel but few or none have studied these works of art from the aspect which this study has chosen to do this work. Therefore, this study is an attempt to evaluate the protagonists as typical teenagers who are relating their experience as challenges of the average woman in her various environments.

1.5 Scope of the Study                                                                                                                    Thisstudy will rely on textual material extracted from the primary text. It will not exceed the primary text as it is not empirical study. This research focuses on women sexuality and trauma by men in Facelesswritten to discourage sexual abuse against teenagers. It is gathered materials other research works from the literary.