With the rapid development in technology, there is a need to develop a management system for drive-training enterprise. Driving-training school’s efficiency will be managed and the will be a reduced waste of human power and information resources. The Management System will grow for the most part of the driving school to deal with the activity increasingly productive, effectively to discover information, record keeping more productive and recover information quicker. This framework will be overseen by the staff of driving school. This staff is dependable to the educator and understudies records. The Driving School Information System will keep all the information of the daily driving school center operation which is from the instructor’s records, schedule,   and   many   more.   Besides   than   that,   Driving   School Management System will keep track all of the operation information securely and orderly and even with backup option. It is also can make the management easy for searching and retrieving data, and making changes to all stored data.

The   software   will   be   implemented   using   HTML,   CSS   and   PHP development technology. Phases that are included are requirement, system analysis, design, implementation and system testing and maintenance. At the end of this project, it is hope that Driving School management System can contribute to driving school operation to make it better and to cater best service.




With the rapid development in information technology, higher request is needed by the management of drive-training schools enterprise. Driving-training school’s effective management can reduce the waste of human power and wealth very much, and driving-training school’s information resource can be utilized effectively. As the share of human power and information becomes deeper and weeper, the management and share of driving-training school’s manager, vehicle and student become more and more important. Present management method’ key issues exist as follows. Enrollment, health examination and graduation information of drive-training school students are operated artificially, which is not only with low efficiency but also make mistakes often with many students, vehicle and coaches, in distributing vehicles to student and coach to vehicle is made automatically. In this way, resource can’t be assigned reasonably and used effectively, which are clumsy human usage, unclear of administration responsibility and so on. This application will be managed by the staff of the driving school. The staff are responsible to the instructor and students records. The major problems of driving schools are that as students’ records increases and it is not systematic anymore to keep all the data in the file systems anymore. As example there are data on previous students with over 5 years operation of the driving school, kept in files that fill half of the room and maybe there are several years of data to come and all the files have to be keep. It is very impossible for the driving school center to start thinking of enlarging it building just to add room to store all this files generated over the years. This method of storing sensitive information is not safe, keeping all of the data in order and securely where only the authorize staff can easily have access to it can give more problems. Moreover, in case there’s a fire outbreak or any unexpected incident or disaster happens, for sure all of the saved data will be no more. Although new driving schools are implementing the use of online driving system to manage all of these records, it is still not efficient enough.  Normally the staff of the driving school, who is the instructor will contact their students to pass information about class, examination or other related activities to driving lessons. This manual method of informing students about driving lessons is not practical anymore today because it is will involve a lot of time. The management system will not only saves a great deal of manpower and financial resources of driving school, but also to improve and prettify driving school information management more easily and effectively.



The research work, we present a new solution method for driving schools, consisting of three phase:

  1. Communicating with numbers of students at one time. Driving schools with large amount of students at a particular time face problems communicating with student for their driving class schedule or exam. Looking at this problems faced by driving school, many have a lot of challenges in communicating with their student especially if the number of students are more than the available instructors.
  2. Tracking student progress. Tracking students’ progress manually might be challenging to the staff handling many student at a time. Beside, staff can’t easily remember each student progress. Especially when there is no proper system to handle the progress. Everything will be manual.
  3. Managing daily data. Checking and managing data on a daily base is the main priority of the system. Day to day data of a driving school involving government procedures, policies and laws.



The principle aim of this project is to develop and implement an online driving school management school system that will be useful to our driving schools institutions, using the web.

The following are the set objective:

  • To develop a driving school management system that is implemented on the web technology to display related information and store driving school students’ information.
  • To Keep track of Driving school students’ information, payment schedules and many more data which can easily be retrieved by staff of the driving school.




The project is developed to cover the fixing of an online driving school management system for all students in AA Driving School but it can be implemented in any other driving school institution, this can be achieved by merely adjusting the input design of the program.



In this project, attention is focused on implementing an online driving school management system for AA driving school, Uyo.







-          Technology - Technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation.

-          Driving- Driving is the controlled operation and movement of a motor vehicle, including cars, motorcycles, trucks, and buses. 

-          Information - what is conveyed or represented by a particular arrangement or sequence of things.

-         Implement - a tool, utensil, or other piece of equipment that is used for a particular purpose.

-         Institution: organization founded for a religious, educational, professional, or social purpose.