Management information technology used for improving staff performance in an organization is being examined in this research. The quest for efficient workforce to ensure improve staff performance has been the pre-occupation of every business organization.

The outcome of the development of new gadgets of modern technology is the availability of information on all walks of life. A large amount of information technology is available now in a fraction of time that person would have taken days to gather the cost of this effort in next to nothing.

The changes that have taken place now are the fold of communication and technology are “The Information Technology" like all other revolution. This one also has been started and no one knows how it will end. But we processed the capacity of analyze the challenges that information age possess in our ordinary and working lives and how to develop on the opportunities thrown up by it.

The me3thdology employed to achieve these objectives were a combination of secondary and primary source of information. The primary source involved field survey. This consisted of administering questionnaire. Data collected was analysed using simple percentages and chi-square.

The study then discovered the following as findings:

  • Ø The introduction information technologies in the producing industry appear to have brought it some increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of industries.
  • Ø The adoption of information technology components not only eases information processing and retrieval system, which ensure quick, fast and prompt services delivery.
  • Ø Application of information technology also increases productivity and competitiveness through the development of new products.