1.1            Background to the Study

          Communication is the process of sharing information, thoughts and feelings between people through speaking, writing or body language. Effective communication extends the concepts to require that transmitted content to received and understood by someone in the way it was intended. The goals of effective communication include creating a common perception changing behaviours and acquiring information. Effective communication begins with encoding or the skill of relating a message in a clear, direct way that allows the receiver to correctly decode your message. Effective communication is a skill as well as it requires the receiver to ensure that he/she properly heard and understood the message being sent. Communication no doubt is a very vital tool in carrying out our day to day activities. Everyone needs communication with people around to share experience, job, frustration, hope and fears from childhood.

          Udeze (2000) stated that communication as the act of imparting a common idea or understanding to another in every organization, goals are set as the procedure or ways through which the organization instead to achieve it. The goals are spelt out with the end communication model.

          Every organization is established to achieve a set objective. For example, certain business organization set up for profit making by the provision of services by training high level of manpower for both in the public and private sector of the economy. However, the defined objective through the instrumentality of persons who form the basic unit of the organization. The people’s readiness to perform for the attainment of goals and objectives of an organization.

          Nwachukwu (1988) contends that communication is at the root of personnel and ministration, it is the transaction and interpretation of information for the efficient operation of an enterprise. Therefore management must recognize the importance of effective communication to its productivity. Communication require that the climate that promote the exchange of ideas as well as one that permits every member of the organization to actualize his view without fear.

          Drucker (1995) stated that management is concerned with the direction and control of an enterprise and involves planning and the direction of the work of others. These managerial functions cannot be successfully carried out in the absence of effective communication. Brown (2008) defined communication as the process of transmitting ideas and thought from one person to another for the purpose of creating understanding in the thinking of the person receiving the message, effective communication supports organizational productivity.

          In effective communication the manager has a specific tool – information. He does not “handle” people, but motivates guides and organizes people to do their own work. His duty is the spoken or written words, no matter whether the manager’s job is an engineering, accounting or marketing kind. Every manager needs skill in getting his thinking across to other people as well as skills in finding out what other people are after. In recent years, communication has been of growing information in large organization and also because it has been realized that communication is not forced, but has to be learnt to enhance the productivity of every organization.



1.2            Statement of the Problem

          Effective communication is of high priority to the management of Guinness Nigeria PLC, it will be seen that in trying to increase productivity through effective communication, barriers occur, which reduces productivity overloading which bogs down the entire system. Lack of planning to communicator, mechanical inefficiency which include lack of public facilities like telex.

          This problem destruct information from the top to the bottom or bottom to the top. The barriers in most organization can crumble the organization as the communication gap portends serious danger. The possible causes is always the complain of junior workers not been carried along, this is the gap in knowledge the researchers attempts to fill.

1.3            Objectives of the Study

          The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of effective communication in organization’s productivity, the specific objectives are to:

1                   Examine the significant relationship between sufficient communication and organization profitability.

2                   Ascertain mutual and cordial relationship between subordinate and superior has significant effect on organization communication efficiency.

3                   Determine if there is significant relationship between information and the channel of communication.

1.4            Research Questions

          The following research questions should be provided answers to:

  1. What is the relationship between sufficient communication and organizational profitability?
  2. Does mutual and cordial relationship have an effect on organization’s communication efficiency?
  3. Is there significant relationship between information and channels of communication?

1.5            Research Hypotheses

          The following hypotheses shall be tested:

H01: There is no significant relationship between sufficient communication and organization profitability.

H01: There is significant relationship between sufficient communication and organization profitability.

H02: Lack of mutual and cordial relationship between subordinate and superior has no significant effects on organization communication efficiency.

H02: Lack of mutual and cordial relationship between subordinate and superior has significant effect on organization communication efficiency.

H03: There is no significant relationship between information and the channel of communication.

1.6     Scope of the Study

          Communication as a topic is a vast one, no consensus has being reached about this concept, but it is a known fact that every human activity involves a good amount of effective communication. The scope of this research will there ….. Limited to the evaluation of effectiveness of communication and its impact on productivity in Guinness Nigeria PLC, Benin City Edo State.


1.7     Significance of the Study

          The importance and need for effective communication in an organization cannot be overemphasized; this research work will be of good help both to the researchers and to the Guinness Nigeria PLC.

          To the researcher, it is a requirement for the award of Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, while to Guinness Nigeria PLC, it will provide its findings and recommendation and showing its lapses and proffer solutions to these lapses. It also highlights the benefit of effective communication and how it influence productivity.

1.8     Limitations of the Study

          Due to the economic situation prevailing in our nation today, the research has the following constraint:

Respondents: The attitude of most workers may have affective the quality of the work, examples are cases of “not on seat” and come again syndrome. Some respondent oven returned their questionnaires unanswered due to the fear of Management information.

Time: The inability of the researcher to meet with academic work could have affected the quality of time in carrying out the research.

Finance: Money as we all know is the bedrock of every research work,the research may be faced with financial difficulties and this could have affected data collection and the research work in it’s entirely.

1.9     Operational Definition of Terms

          The following terms are defined as used in the study:

Effective: According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, this is simply production result as intended or wanted. An organization is said to be effective when it accomplishes all that it set out to achieve.

Communication: According to Udeze (2000), this is the act of impacting a communication or understanding to another person with the purpose of implementing an action that is coordinated towards a common end.

Productivity: According to Anugwom (2007) is the measure of how well resources are brought together in organization and utilized for accomplishing a set of result.

Impact: According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, to have an effect, the effects of effective communication on productivity. This effect could be a negative or positive one.

A negative effect arises when effective communication does increase productivity of the organization.

Brewing: Is the fastest growing of Nigeria manufacturing industries, it contributes and provides direct employment for many people.

Organization: According to Umoh (2006) is coming together of group of people that specializes in different fields, coordinate their effort towards the set goals, supervise through some hierarchy of authority so that objectives of organization will be achieved.