This study was carried out to determine the newspaper readership pattern among youths.  This arose because it was thought that the youth did not read newspapers and their use of other media was minimal.

        Against the background of seemingly lack of readership among the youth.  Questionnaires draw administered to ascertain the extent of reading habit formed by this group.

        The student of the Institute of Management and Technology, Enugu were used as a focus.  This  was a good sample as the they represent the youth found all over the country.

They  all experience similar socio-economic dilemma.  They also face similar financial as well as education problems experienced in the nation.  250  respondents were sampled randomly and data analyzed and presented as percentages in frequency distribution tables.  The work traced the reading habit found among the youth.  Researcher questions and hypothesis were used a guide for analysis and conclusion respecting.

        The work reviewed other literature on the topic and found out what their results were the conclusions down were based both on other related work of literature and the results gathered from the  questionnaire.  The result showed that there were indeed readership patterns among the youth

The showed that students read newspaper and they also bought majority of respondents bought or read.  Result also showed that students who bought were both more financially and academically favoured than others that had lower reading habit.  It was also  found out that sex was no barrier to who read and what was read.  The female students read more than the male student  but they both read the same content in their favourite newspapers.  Male youths read entertainment news in equal proportion with the female youth.  There was also equal reading proportion in contents that have to do end at the study, recommendations were made about activities that will help the youth develop readership and use pattern for the newspaper and other media.