The Impact of Technology towards Economic Development in the Nigerian Financial Market Activities” with a special focus on your United Bank for Africa (UBA).

There is no doubt to the fact that technology has come a long way developing and modification to suit the period. Banking industries are one of the sectors in the Nigerian Financial market that have benefitted tremendously from technology application, and it also made banking operations so much easier, faster and more reliable facilities.

          Through technology is expensive, the cost element are only at the beginning that is during installation but benefit developed in the long run, far out weights initial cost, and also technology is relatively cheap to use once set up, the decision making of the management is reduce, which help the management to take the decisions rapidly and efficiently without long hours of argument. Banks with technology stand a better chance of advancement over the armchair banking system of organization to maintain industrial superiority over other competitors.

          In conclusion, it is believed from this research work that the sky is the limit for banks that operate through technology, there is little or no doubt that technology application in commercial banking industry has enhance speed, accuracy, efficiency and reliability of it’s operation. Therefore, one among others in the new agenda reforms that mandate every financial markets should undergo online banking system as an advantage to commercial banks in Nigeria which further demonstrate it’s desires to deliver accurate, effective and efficient service to it’s customers with the best anywhere in the world.