Service is the central bank motto in the distribution of its various production packages and marketing strategy implementation.

Customer are satisfied when they get the service they want at the right time, right place , right price and  in the  right manner. The issue of efficient service in banking industry has being given serious attention not only by the management because of the competitive nature of banking industry in Nigeria. This fact and also the view that human needs are insatiable underscore the need for a study to improve the services rendered to customers.

          Bearing the stated problem in mind this research work has been designed to explore ways at correcting the problems and at improving on the customers services. This research work is designed to;

-                     Find out the characteristics of bank staff and their customers with particular reference to the union bank of Nigeria Plc

-                     Determine the adequacy of the resources both human and materials for effective operations

-                     To find out if the aims and objectives of the banks are being achieved.

-                     To find the degree of staff customer relationship.

-                     To determine the extent of customers complaints’ about non- satisfactory series.

-                     Causes and effect of poor customer’s service and suggested solution.

The view is the commercial banks should provide prompt,. Friendly, courteous,, orderly efficient and satisfying service to her customer. Meanwhile, this research work is limited because of time constraint, finance involved and sometimes non-response from people intervened.