Abstract Ability to report back the conclusion of an assignment of the progress made so far to the person(s) who delegated the authority to the performer of an assignment, duty or function, has for decades eluded this nation both in the private and public responsibilities to be performed and performed and reported back has been carried out as accomplished. The lack of accountability leads to many vices in our social and economic system. The objectives of this study therefore are: (a) To ascertain the determine the role of independent audit towards accountability in an organization (b) To determine if independent audit can control fraud and embezzlement. The primary data sources (the questionnaire) collected response from thirty two (32) respondents out of forty (40) that was sampled. Data collected through primary sources were analyzed on tables using percentages, three hypotheses were stated in null form and ere tested using the X2 statistics, simple percentages and the test revealed that audit enhances accountability in an organization and also help in controlling fraud, embezzlement and defalcation in an organization.


This research work deals with internal audit as an aid to management. It aims at finding out the role of internal audit in management decision making in organizations. It is a survey research. Data were collected from primary and secondary sources which included using questionnaires, personal observations, text book, journal and internet. Sample of 92 were collected by random sample method. Three hypotheses were formulated and tested using Z-test statistics, while questionnaires were analyzed using simple percentages. We discovered among other things that internal audit assists management in managerial decisions. We recommended among other things that the auditors be trained in forensic accounting to enable them to be more effective in their duties