THE IMPACT OF ENTREPRENURSHIP ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA (A case study of solat manufacturing company, Ibadan)


The impact of entrepreneurship on economic development in Nigeria. This case study is to examine the effect of the impact of entrepreneurship on economic development in Nigeria. The project focuses on how entrepreneurship will contribute to economic development and how economy would be improved through entrepreneurship. The study is also designed to examine the degree and prospect of entrepreneurship, like wise their impact to Nigeria economy. We shall also examine the failure to achieve the goal of industrial development. During the research work, we shall examine the origin of entrepreneurship in Nigeria, definition of entrepreneurship, how will finance entrepreneurship, characteristics, role of entrepreneurship and problem confronting entrepreneurship in Nigeria and also collection of data. The research methodology. Research design, research instrument, validity of the instrument and reliability of the instrument and also population sampling techniques will be carried out.  Presentation of data analysis in order to have the understanding of the role of business and how to improve on it, there is need for data presentation and analysis. Finally, this write comprises of summery, conclusion and recommendation, summary of major finding, conclusion, recommendation and questionnaire and references.