In this project attempt was made of evaluate the performance of social responsibility of Nigeria firm in effort to satisfy the demand of host community towards provision of basic amenities. Also managers attitudes towards performance of social responsibilities is also analyzed. We pen scoped the short coming of social responsibilities performance which led to the establishment of the objectives of the study which included the identification of factors limitating the performance of social responsibility by managers, evaluation of the factors and the suggestion of the policy measures that will eliminate these factors to enhance the performance of social reasonability.


In order to arrive at conclusive decision on the above objectives, primary data where collected through field survey and questionnaires to members of the communities and members of the organization in Enugu metropolis.


Literature Review was undertaken in libraries within Nigeria. The data obtained were presented in cross – tabulation and percentages for analysis based on the data. The hypothesis formulated by the researcher were tested using chi – square and logical deductions.


After careful analysis it was discovered that policies are not clearly stated as it relates to corporate social responsibility. Relationship between the host community and the company is cordial. There is a close relationship between company performance and social responsibility.


Finally, if there is conflict between the company and the host community, it is usually resolved through dialogue.

Recommendation was made of social responsibility.