The manufacturing sector plays an important role in Nigeria economy and has many benefit that are critical for her economy transformation. In a typical advance economy only leafing sector in many aspect. It is an avenue for increasing productivity related to import replacement and export expansion, creating foreign exchange earnings capacity? Raising employment and per capital income which result in unique consumption pattern, before independence, agricultural production dominated the Nigeria economy and acquainted for the major share of its foreign exchange earnings initially, inadequate capital investment permitted only modest expansion of manufacturing activities. The subject matter of this research work, Impact of Offensive Material on Production in Manufacturing Company. Material; raw material can be viewed as a subject of inventory furthermore he submitted that raw material goods in process and finished goods put together constituted to production in a manufacturing firm. Raw material range from iron or awaiting processing into steel to electric components to be incorporated into stereo amplifier. Management; Encyclopedia of professional management define management as “the act of coordinating the element or factor of production toward the achievement of the purpose of an organization. It is the accomplishment of corporate objectives through the use of human labour, material and machines. Production; production as the transformation of one thing into another in strict economy sense, production is more than putting things together. It concern with the whole process of making goods and services available to consumers i.e. creating utilities (satisfaction consumer derive from the consumption of giving level of output) Having define raw materials management and productions a combination of these definitions will reveal that material management in production is the act of coordinating material resources for transformation into finished goods to make it available to consumer in order to achieve the overall broad objective of the organization. Material management is oriented toward the availability of materials at a minimized total cost, taking into consideration other variables like quality, quantity time, and place. It is employed with the aim of anticipating material requirements sourcing and obtaining materials into organization and monitoring the status of material as current asset.