This research work is a detailed study on preparation of cleansing cream. The aim is to prepare cleansing cream of better quality than the available ones in the market. The study explores the work done by some eminent scholars in connection with cream and preparation of cleansing cream. Cream can be defined as an article intended to be rubbed, sprinkled, sprayed on, or otherwise applied to the human body or any part there of, for beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or attiring the physical appearance of the skin, leaving it soft and smooth, thereby making the body look younger. Creams are of different types which include: cleansing cream, eye and lip cleanser, floral oil, nourishing cleansing milk, and softening lotion etc. the present investigation revealed that temperature and concentration of materials have the most crucial effect on creams as manifested by precipitation, and separation and also loss of creamy effect. Cream emulsion containing hydroquinone, lightens and bleaches the skin while cream emulsion containing benzoic acids are agents against microbial attacks on the skin. The materials used in cleansing cream preparation include: paraffin wax, liquid paraffin, stearic acid, borax, and water. Finally, the performance was incorporate into the cream at the temperature of 450C and a white fine cream was obtained as the result of the analysis.