The detection of malaria parasite in the blood, which is as the major aim of this project was carried out and experimental data shows the existence of three spp of the parasite in the human blood cell these are as follows:
(a)     Plasmodium Falciparium
(b)     P. Malarias
(c)      P. Vivax

Moreover, the last remaining spp, which is Plasmodium Ovale was not observed at all in the human blood cell.  Out of 150 specimens collected, 110 were found to be positive indicating that about 74% people in our country Nigeria were living under the shadow of this infectious disease.
Finally, in our findings, it was assumed that the most susceptible group of people to this malaria parasite were the children under the age range of 1 to 10 and the pregnant women in the adult range.  This findings was made after staining the thick and thin film using different stains vis:  Leishman, Giemsa and field Stains, which enhances a clear observation of morphological appearance of the organisms under the microscopic view.