The system will aid school proprietors, teachers, bursar and general administrative arm of schools to effectively manage students and other stakeholders of the school. The need to have a computerized system that will meet the growing needs of our primary and secondary schools is now critical for the success and growth of the educational institutions. The system will aid in recording results of students, keep accurate track record of all students and teachers information as well as give detailed information on students accounts and fees status. The system is divided into three (3) major phases. One phase is for the principal or proprietor who will serve as the admin to oversee the general running of the school as well as granting privileges and creation of accounts for teachers as well as student registration and information updates. The second phase is for the teachers who enter day-to-day running of the school. The teachers once granted access updates students’ academic records, as well as print report cards. The third stage is for the administrator or the bursar. Here the bursar manages accounts for each student. The system is built with PHP and MYSQL programming language to suit the ever dynamic needs of a school environment.

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