The presence of counsellors in school is not just for the sake of it, they are there to direct student on area they psychologically find them fit. The job of counselling towards a future career is not an easy one, the student has to be followed regularly within attitude and academic performance so that he/she will be directed towards his/her gift career. This project   work researched into  the procedure involved  in  guiding and counselling student in the secondary school with a view to come up with the modernized system that would help in carrying out the activities effectively The problem  associated  with the  existing system were detected and  possible solutions to the problem were provided  in the new system . The new system is a computerized one, which works automatically; it is very easy to use, it is also interactive, cost affective .The new system is comprehensive enough, timely and accurate in report generation.

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Programming Environment: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Software Requirement: Visual Basic Studio 6.0 or Any Higher Version

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