In every facet of life and business, questions on the acceptability and use of computer printouts have for some time been very practical. They demand quick answers if the law must be an instrument for effective social and economics engineering and must not out of date burden. Business in other parts of the world, practically every serious minded business or other organization in Nigeria has quite some time used computer for ordinary record keeping and accounting. Understanding and interpreting a large data source is an important issue challenging operation in many technical disciplines. Security issues are not only a phenomenon of the digital world in the off line world, we are also confronted with privacy issues, consciously and unconsciously. This project work raised awareness for this topic and give over view of biological verification system issues, which are typically associated with the use of information technologies in the digital world. Solutions to avoid risk concerning privacy issues were pointed out and possibilities of protecting privacy in the digital world are shown in this project work and the language used in the designing of this project is Visual Basic which was use in designing the front end and Microsoft SQL was use in designing of the back End which is the Database.

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