How To Apply For Postgraduate Studies In Nigerian Universities

July 19 2018, By Juliet Ugochi

After your first degree, a number of options appear to you. Do you start searching for jobs or go for postgraduate studies? Do you go for NYSC or can you apply for PG studies immediately? This post will answer all your questions.

First, why go for postgraduate studies? Many people feel that the stress they undergo in the universities and polytechnics is enough for a lifetime.

So, when you tell to go back to school for a higher degree, they shout ‘no, thank you’.

However, there are some good reasons to go for it. Chief among them is the job prospect. When you have a postgraduate degree, it raises you above other job seekers who only have a first degree. Again, there is a prestige added when you announce that you are a master degree holder from so and so university.

Now you have the reasons to go postgraduate studies, here are the things to consider before you apply.

First decide the school you wish to study. Some people prefer another school apart from the one they got their first degree while others want to study in the same school. So, choose the one you are most comfortable with. If you are married, you may want to choose a school that is in the state you are living in. This way you will be close to your family.

Next, choose whether you will study part-time or full time. Some people choose part time study because they may be working already or they want to be close to their family. So, choose the one that is convenient for you.

Another thing to consider before you start your postgraduate studies is the cost. Do you have the required funds to see your dreams come true? Will someone sponsor you? Are working already? Will you do this part time or full time? Usually, you have to go the school campus or check the information in their website to find more details about your intended course of study.

You have to know the amount you have to pay so you be adequately prepared for it. Usually it cost about N400k to N1.5 million to study for a postgraduate course in Nigeria. This depends on the course, the school, and the degree you are seeking for. That is, are you going for postgraduate diploma, master's degree or doctorate degree.

Next, you consider the duration of the course. You have to know this so you can plan yourself well, especially if you have a job or family to take care of. Most PG programs last from 9 months to 18 months while some PhD can last up to 3 years.

When you answer all these questions honestly, then you’ll be able to design if you can pursue your PG studies now or wait. If you want to do it now, here are the requirements to get a postgraduate degree in Nigerian Universities.

Requirements for postgraduate studies in Nigeria.
1. NYSC requirement. If you are going abroad for studies, then you don’t have to serve your fatherland first. But if it is here, you need to have through your service and get your certificate or an exemption before you can apply for a Post Graduate course.

2. Minimum Certificate. A major requirement of most universities is the degree you graduated from. Many schools will require that you make a good degree from your first. Some departments will accept only 2.1, second class upper but most accept second class lower 2.2, as the minimum requirement for PG studies.

3. A Proposal or Statement of Purpose. This is a letter you use to apply for study in the school of your choice. You have to give them info about you and why you want to study the course at their school. You can attach your CV if you want.

4. A Copy of Your Degree Transcript. You have to obtain from your school. If it is the same school, it’s easier for you, but if it is another, you have to get the transcript to your new school of study. Follow the procedures to apply and usually your former will send it to the new school. Now, send in your application, once you are accepted pay your fees and start your studies.

N/B: Some Universities may require You to Take some Test before acceptance. So prepare for it by studying Past Examination Question Papers set by the school.


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