October 13, 2017 By Juliet Ugochi

Are you contemplating using article spinners in your research papers? Don’t! You want to know why - they cause more harm than good. You don’t want to play with your final year project or master thesis, do you? I thought as much. I mean, after spending years in school, going to lectures, taking test and examination, will you now ruin it all with article spinners at the end? I know you are smarter than this.

But first what are Article Spinners?
These are software that some people have produced to help article marketers produce content easier and faster. Yes, the articles come out faster, after all it is a machine that is writing. But you know the saying, easy come, easy go. What comes out is complete garbage.

The way it works is that the automatic spinning will change some words using other words that are slightly different but similar in meaning. Sometimes, it can replace verbs with adverbs or nouns because the words are randomly selected. It is just a machine afterall, it only knows how to do things fast. See, the brilliance of a human brain cannot be replaced by any machine anytime, anywhere.

Here are the reasons why you should not use article spinners for your research.
1. Don’t pass copyscape: Most of these article done by the writing software do not pass plagiarism test which is usually checked with copyscape. And when your research work doesn't pass copyscape, you can be sure that your supervisor will mark you down. You will be accused of Plagiarism which is copying someone's work, word for word. It is illegal, considered stealing, certainly not good for your academic future and can even land you in jail.

2. The articles don't read well: These automated software bring out articles that do not read well. Have you tried reading an article that was written by these article spinners before? It makes no sense at all. How can you possibly trust your research work to this kind of non-readability?

3. Not SEO optimised: If you are writing a research work to be used online, you know that it has to be search engine optimized. But the spinners cannot produce such content because they do not know the rules of SEO like synonym usage and keyword density.

4. No impressive writing: If you want a well-written, impressive and powerful research work, you dare not use article spinners because they will mess you up. It is important that you engage with your readers in your write-up and also impart wisdom and knowledge through your research study and this can’t be done with a spun article.

5. You will fail: Sure, this is a reality. If your supervisor can not comprehend what you have written in the first 5 paragraphs, why should he continue straining his eyes and mind reading it? He will just mark you down and you have failed your thesis.

6. Poor reflection of you: Submitting a spun article reflects very badly on you. It is a poor reflection of your character and personality. You are telling the world that you do not care enough to do a research and write out the results of your work in a comprehensible manner.

7. Don’t provide value: Automatically spinned articles does not give value to anybody. It doesn’t provide value to you, to your department or the academic world at large. You should aim to produce research works that will stand the test of time, provide valuable knowledge that will be useful to the society.

So what do you?
If you have an essay, project or thesis to write, get to work and get it done. You can use the many resources on this site, read the articles on how to write a research, etc and write your own. Use the search button at the top of this page, type in any subject you want and then hit enter. It will bring out resources that you can use to develop your research work. If you absolutely can’t do it due to one reason or another, then outsource the writing process to a human writer not a machine. Don’t ever make the mistake of using an article spinner to write our articles as it will surely ruin your research work.


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