8 Funny Ways to Get Awesome Research Project Ideas

February 5, 2018 By CharlesBruno Chidera

What comes to mind when you think of research? Some serious business, right? Something done by only very strict professors with white beards and done with big words? Actually, research can be made fun. The following are 8 funny ways to get awesome research project ideas ( number 6 is so hilarious you won't believe it's possible).

1. Movies: it's hard to believe but many research ideas have come from chilling in one's room watching a movie or out at the cinema seeing a movie. It usually works better when one's mind is already going through the idea of research this way you are open to see the research ideas in the actions, the costumes and even the dialogues.

2. Domestic Problems: you can definitely relate to being frustrated with a lot of stuff in the house; cooking difficulties, rodents intrusion, gardening problems, etc. These kinds of problems have accounted for lots of successful, world changing research ideas in the world and you should not underestimate the ability of these experiences in helping with research ideas. Most of the very weird and hilarious research topics come through this way.

3. Eureka! Remember Archimedes, the Greek scientist who had problem finding how to measure the king's crown till he dipped himself into a bathtub filled with water and found his answer through the amount of water displaced? The funniest part of this story is always how he ran like a mad man to the king screaming "eureka". The stories behind many research projects come this way - just sitting and chilling and the idea comes to you.

4. Previous Researches: Too simple? Nope, it can be that simple. It mostly are that simple. The general idea behind every research is to fill up any gap. So a research idea can come from a research work that has been carried out but didn't totally fill up an academic gap. For instance, from a research such as "a Pragmatic Analysis of WhatsApp Chats", one can get the idea to do " a Pragmatic Analysis of BlackBerry Messenger Chats". Just simple; no stress.

5. Hot Arguments: ever stayed around those kind of people who engage in arguments a lot. Every social incident generates endless argument for them because of contradicting views. Usually a philosophy student that is roommates with Theology and Political Science students. These ones, when they argue something, it never ends. Hilarious, but this is a very good environment to get research ideas especially one's bordering on ethics and religion.

6. Dares! This occurs often in the empirical sciences. Research ideas can come through being dared to prove something or disprove something by another person.

7. Questions: remember those times you ask your lecturer a question and he pauses, then tells you to go research and gives your question as an assignment to your classmates to write? Well, it isn't all the time for your self development. Sometimes it is because he doesn't know the answer to the question and needs time to carry a research on it and get back to you and not humiliate his or herself in front of you students. Funny, right? But it happens more often than you'd imagine and it's a very common way of getting research project ideas.

8. Tributes: like we said earlier, research sometimes isn't all as serious as you have been made to believe. True, it is a very serious endeavor because mistakes often lead to serious consequences. But every other thing about it can be made fun and endearing. Many research ideas have been got in a bid to pay tribute to someone else especially a scholar. Researches are carried out around issues that the person was interested in or have attempted to study but failed to.


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