Medicine and Surgery Project Materials

Below are Medicine and Surgery Project Topics with available Chapters 1-5. Click on any to preview its Contents

    1. The intersection between communicable and chronic diseases especially with respect to Tuberculosis and diabetes
    2. The burden and prevention of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) in the Nigerian hospital setting: Setting the scene for the introduction of a new vaccine.
    3. Network analysis for health
    4. Establishing the most appropriates statistical analysis for patient safety data
    5.  Individual based models for assessing the impact of case-based interventions on Tuberculosis
    6. Factors influencing the acceptance & adoption of EMR in low resource settings: A case study in Nigeria
    7. Impact of Education, Demographics and Professional Culture, on Paramedic Infection Control Decision Making.
    8. Face masks in the protection of healthcare workers in resource poor settings
    9. HCV infection in haemodialysis patients with end-stage renal disease
    10. Barriers to elderly pneumococcal vaccination
    11. Modelling the impact of zoster vaccine on zoster morbidity in Nigeria.
    12. The impact and cost effectiveness of vaccine programs in elderly: Understanding the interaction between infant and elderly vaccination.
    13. Habitualising hand hygiene behaviours of Nigerian mothers and their small children at key junctions: after toileting and before preparing food, eating and feeding a child.
    14. Comparative cost effectiveness if interventions to control non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Nigeria
    15. Nigerian Liberian travelers visiting friends and relatives: New approaches to understanding and reducing infectious disease risks.
    16. Modify contact precautions for safety and sustainability
    17. Improving hand hygiene (HH) compliance and its clinical implications in medical students
    18. Evidence Based Guidelines for the Management of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    19. Barriers and facilitators in the provision of medical care to the IDPs under different models of care in North East Nigeria: Current policy and practice and ways forward.
    20. Statistical approaches to the evaluation of the impact of vaccination programs.
    21. The burden of influenza B and age-specific benefit of QIV over TIV
    22. Translation of policies from high-to-low resourced setting to address irrational antibiotic use.
    23. Field application of oral Cholera vaccine, Shanchol for use in developing country settings
    24. A cluster-randomised controlled trial of community education to prevent the development of chronic suppurative otitis media in children in Nigeria
    25. Guiding principles for HIV advocacy evaluation in Nigeria
    26. Trends in diabetes risk factors and related premature mortality in African countries
    27. Cardiovascular disease surveillance and control in the Nigeria
    28. Understanding young people's perceptions and behaviours related to sexual & reproductive health and wellbeing in Edo State
    29. Birth Outcomes in the Nigeria: Identifying associations between obstetric outcomes and socio-demographic characteristics of primiparous women presenting for deliveries in 2015 at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital.
    30. Understanding constraints in the Nigerian health system to the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) services in Nigeria.
    31. HIV and human rights.
    32. The role of religion and faith-based organisations in addressing HIV in Nigeria
    33. Public and forensic mental health, Aboriginal wellbeing and women's health
    34. Study of urban Aboriginal housing and its relationship to health.
    35. Aboriginal Health: Ethics & Research
    36. Major adult morbidity and mortality in a cohort from the Aboriginal Medical Service
    37. A community case-control study examining environmental and lifestyle risk factors for younger onset dementia
    38. Human rights of people with mental disabilities
    39. Contraception understandings and experiences of Nigerian women
    40. A study on the Prediction of Cardiovascular Diseases in Nigerian Population
    41. The prevalence of postpartum distress and accessibility to primary mental health services for women in Edo State
    42. Chronic disease prevention particularly focus on obesity
    43. Design and Evaluation of an Educational Instrument to Develop Collaborative Learning Competencies in Junior Medical Students
    44. Identification of diabetes patients at risk of other chronic diseases from unstructured data using big data and semantic web technologies.
    45. Exploring clinical governance in rural and remote primary health care
    46. Smoke-free outdoor areas: can tobacco control advocacy with Local Government be effective?
    47. Cardiovascular absolute risk assessment in general practice and impact on prescribing.
    48. Factors that impede early access to defibrillation following out of hospital cardiac arrest.
    49. Prevention of Burnout for Postgraduate Medical Students of Nigeria